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If you live interstate or overseas and would like a preliminary online consultation for cosmetic dentistry with dr. angelo lazaris please fill out this form and dr angelo lazaris will respond to you within 24 – 48 hours. The purpose of this online consultation is to assist us in giving you some preliminary advice on the recommended cosmetic dental treatment as well as some indication on pricing. Please be advised that this eConsultation booking will not replace a full and thorough oral examination and may be subject to change after a thorough oral examination in our Sydney office is completed. There is a $55 fee for the eConsultation, please finalise this after submitting your online consultation.

If you live in Sydney and would like to book a consultation appointment, please click here.


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The Pulpit Rock

1. Front on - full face slightly apart so I can just see your teeth

The Pulpit Rock

2. Front on - full face with full (natural) smile

The Pulpit Rock

3. Front on - full face with full smile open mouth (like a laugh) with teeth apart

The Pulpit Rock

4. Retracted close up. Stick two fingers on each side to expose teeth and gumlines of front teeth

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TESTIMONIAL"MY NEW AND IMPROVED CHOMPS J Literally obsessed and can't stop smiling - @drangelolazaris is a god!"
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